The District Union Meeting



     The purpose of the District Union is to unite into a Christian Fellowship those assigned churches in the district on each fifth weekend.
     It is through this fellowship that the brotherhood is strengthened, that an exchange of ideas is shared and certain programs and information of the Annual Conference is channeled into the local churches. [Click District Elder title below.]

  1. The District Elder shall be appointed by the Annual Bishop and shall be paid such compensation as the Union Board may direct.  He/She shall appoint an assistant, subject to the approval of the Annual Bishop.

  2. The District Elder, Assistant District Elder, secretary and treasurer shall be standing officers, and shall be paid such compensation as the Union Board directs.

  3. The District Elder shall deal with ministerial applicants according to our Book of Discipline.

Duties of the District Elder


The District Elder serves as the bishop's assistant in directing, interpreting and implementing the programs and directives of the Annual Conference. 


He/She is chief elder, responsible to the churches assigned to the district.


The District Elder is under the direct supervision of the Annual Bishop and will serve as chairman of committees appointed to do initial investigations of violations of law reported on the district as directed by the Annual Bishop.  **Exceptions to the chairmanship can be made at the discretion of the Annual Bishop.

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Rules and Responsibilities

Assists assignees, directors or persons appointed on a district level by the General Church, General Departments or Annual Conference and give reports to the pastor, annual bishop or general bishop.

     Monitors matters that might impact directly on the growth and success of the local church, Annual Conference or General Conference and give reports to the pastor, annual bishop or general bishop.

     Will gather district information requested by the Annual or General Conference.  Considering these requests as priorities, will strive to follow directions and to meet deadlines.

     Will be official spokesperson for defining the purpose of all programs and services handed down by the Annual or General Conference on the district level.  He/She will direct the distribution of printed materials intended for ministers or local churches.

     The District Elder shall give an annual oral report at the Annual Conference, as well as submit in writing, and accounting of the stewardship and financial management of his/her district.  **A form for this report will be issued by the Annual Conference from the General Church.


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